GFWC Woman's Club of West Allis - 2016-2018 Officers

President Linda Taylor, Vice President Nancy Zarcone, Secretary JoAnne Sell, Treasurer Linda Crossman and Corresponding Secretary Kathleen Lyons.

Club Members: Carol Ziehler, Judy Schmidt, Barb Hart, Catherine Narloch, Pat Hladilek, Diane Eineichner, Jeannette Bell,Pat Wolfe, Judy Hutto, Mayor Devine, Linda Taylor, Rosalie Reinke at the West Allis City Volunteer Dinner - 

GFWC-Wisconsin woman's Club of West Allis is a service organization, which promotes community improvement through education, fellowship and involvement.  We are affiliated with the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), (Headquartered in  Washington D.C.), the GFWC-Wisconsin Federation of Women's Clubs and the GFWC-WI Lakeshore District.

The General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC), is one of the world's largest and oldest nonpartisan, nondenominational, women's volunteer service organizations, it was founded in 1890 and chartered by the 56th United States Congress in 1901.  Headquartered in a National Historic Landmark building in Washington, D.C., (1734 N Street).

GFWC has a long history of philanthropy, social and political advocacy and community leadership.  With more than 100,000 members in affiliated clubs in every state, the District of Columbia and more than a dozen countries work in their own communities to support the arts, preserve natural resources, advance education, promote healthy lifestyles, encourage civic involvement and work toward world peace and understanding.

In 2015 Members of GFWC volunteered more than 6 million hours on more than 130,000 projects and donated more than $27.5  million in both monetary and in-kind donations.

GFWC Clubs founded over 75% of our Nations Libraries

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Welcome to GFWC  Woman's Club of West  Allis Wisconsin