Woman's Club Scholarship

The Woman’s Club of West Allis is offering a scholarship(s) to seniors from Central High School, Nathan Hale High School, and Shared Journeys and/or James E. Dottke High School. Qualifications will be based on academic achievement, leadership, character, and financial need.

Each applicant must submit the following information via email (new this year), as well as submit copies to your school counselor.

  • A signed, completed application
  • A copy of your high school transcript
  • Two letters of reference: One from a teacher. One from someone not associated with your school or related to you, who know you well through employment, volunteer activities, club membership or other endeavors.
  • Provide a summary telling us about yourself.  This can include- Participation in school clubs, activities or outside organizations. Community service and/or volunteer activities. Any office you have held and any honors you may have received

Please note: All applicants will be interviewed. Interviews will be held in the spring of 2020 - more details will follow at a later date.

Your completed application and required paper work must be submitted to Sue Sujecki at sueasujecki@gmail.com by February 28, 2020.

GFWC Woman's Club

West Allis, Wisconsin