Alyce Weiss -25 year member

Monica Jerich - 1st Place Winner

Trees For Tomorrow Summer Board Meeting

Celebrity Luncheon City Leaders

In the City Chambers, President, Mary Pike accepts a Proclamation from Mayor Dan Devine, proclaiming the Month of October as Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month in the City Of West Allis -

Other Club Members also present.

‚Äč2013 Club Christmas Party - Peanut Butter, Jelly and Mac & Cheese were collected for a school in West Allis where 90% of the students receive free lunch - When the Principal asked a student if he had had breakfast, the reply was "No, it wasn't my turn".  With the Christmas Break soon to come, there was a concern as to what these students would do during the "break".  A member of the GFWC Woman's Club of West Allis heard this and set the "wheels" is motion.   Over 1350 items were donated, plus, Virginia Strukel, the organizer arranged for 450 loaves of bread to delivered to the school on the day before vacation.  Each of the 450 students took home 3 items plus a loaf of bread.   Pictured above are Club President, Mary Pike, WA/WM Superintendent, Kurt Wachholz, Virginia Strukel, organizer and Jeff Thomson, Principal.   Virginia and her Christmas Committee worked hard and put in a lot of hours making this one of the best Club Christmas Party  ever!

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